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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] Quizfame - Twitch Streamers Trivia

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Q01 Twitch is a spinoff of what website?
    Q02 What big company is the owner of Twitch after buying it in 2014?
      Q03 Ninja is probably the most Twitch streamer that has been on the platform. What game is he most famous for playing?
        Q04 What is Ninja's real name?
          Q05 In relatively recent times, Ninja decided to move to a new platform. Which platform is it?
            Q06 Ninja collaborated with Astralwerks in order to create his first music album. What's the name of the album?
              Q07 Ninja is married to another Twitch streamer in real life. What's Ninja's wife's name?
                Q08 Shroud is a very popular Twitch streamer, what's his real name?
                  Q09 Shroud used to belong to a very big eSports team. Which team is it?
                    Q10 Not unlike traditional sports, eSports have actually become a common place for use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. Which PED did Shroud admit to using?
                      Q11 Shroud is known for playing a lot of games, but he's won tournaments of which of the following games?
                        Q12 Which of the following streamers called Shroud "the best shooter in PUBG"?
                          Q13 What's the name of this popular streamer, also known as Myth?
                            Q14 Myth is one of the youngest popular Fortnite streamers. What year was he born?
                              Q15 Myth is also likely the most popular face of what famous eSports team?
                                Q16 Myth is a graduate of which High School?
                                  Q17 Tfue is considered by some to be the best Fortnite player currently in the world. What's his real name?
                                    Q18 Tfue gained a lot of notoriety as of late because he sued the team he used to belong to. What team was it?
                                      Q19 Tfue is also one of the most active Fortnite players in the whole Twitch world. What's his timeplay average per week?
                                        Q20 Dr. Disrespect is one of the most interesting Twitch streamers for his portrayal of a typical "bro" gamer. What's his real name?

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                                        Quizfame - Twitch Streamers Trivia
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