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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] QuizFame – Clash Royale Knowledge Quiz

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Q01 What's the name of the company behind Clash Royale?
    Q02 How many emotes does The King have?
      Q03 What score does the scoreboard on the loading screen have?
        Q04 How many legendaries do you start your Clash Royale account with?
          Q05 With what frequency do balance changes happen in the game?
            Q06 When was Clash Royale originally released?
              Q07 How much time does a Gold Chest take to open?
                Q08 What important feature was introduced alongside The Fisherman?
                  Q09 How many towers do you have to take down in co-op mode?
                    Q10 How many barbarians spawn when you use the Barbarian card?
                      Q11 What was the name of the first season of Clash Royale?
                        Q12 The Princess was the first card that…
                          Q13 How many dragons are currently in the game?
                            Q14 What characters from Brawl Stars were briefly introduced to Clash Royale?
                              Q15 Clash Royale was originally a spinoff of what other game
                                Q16 How many goblin cards are in the game?
                                  Q17 Pekka is a…
                                    Q18 How much gold can you get during Gold Rush?
                                      Q19 Which of these cards can wake up the opposite king if positioned properly?
                                        Q20 Like the Princess, the King recently obtained his own…

                                        Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

                                        QuizFame – Clash Royale Knowledge Quiz
                                        Do you think you're the best Clasher out there? Find out if your level of knowledge is as good as you think it is with our Clash Royale Knowledge Quiz!


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