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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] VideoQuizStar – Alcatraz Quiz

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  • 1. There’s a small hallway that leads to an unmonitored area of the prison, but you need to distract the guards to get there. What do you do?

  • 2. It worked! The guards are occupied as you make it to the hallway. At the end, there’s a door with four handles. Quickly, which one do have to turn to open the door?

  • 3. You made it! Behind the door, a corridor stretches endlessly in both directions. In front of you, you find a scratched message from a former escapee. Where do you need to go?

  • 4. At the end of the corridor, there’s a ventilator. You could fit between the blades, but you have to shut it off first, or you’ll be sliced to pieces. Enter the next number in the sequence to shut off the fan!

  • 5. The ventilation shafts are a maze. Which path do you have to take?
  • 6. You arrive in a storage room. The only door is firmly locked. But there is a way out – can you find it in the image below?
  • 7. You found the tunnel that a former escapee has dug through the wall. Inside, there is a crawlway that goes in both directions. Like before, there’s a message carved in the wall. Where do you go?
  • 8. You start crawling. Watch the video below: How many rats do you pass along the way?
  • 9. You’ve made it! You arrive at an unmonitored part of the beach. There’s a small boat, but it’s secured with a combination lock. Aboard, you find a notepad with a clue. Can you solve the sudoku and get the code?
  • 10. Great, you’ve opened the lock! In the same notepad, you find directions to get away from the island safely – but they’re also coded. The code reads NETNATOSHOSHRTERTWTSATSEHOSHOSWUTEUT. What course do you have to plot?

Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

VideoQuizStar – Alcatraz Quiz
On your way to freedom, there will be many obstacles to overcome and some tough choices to make. Are you ready to break free?

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