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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] Quizfame - Apple General Knowledge Test

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Q01 What year was the company Apple founded?
    Q02 The original Apple Watch was available in 3 different presentations. The Apple Watch, The Apple Watch Sport and...
      Q03 What year saw the introduction of the original iPhone?
        Q04 The very first Apple Store was first opened to customers back in 2001, what state was it located in?
          Q05 What version of the iPhone was the first one to have a dual camera setup on the back?
            Q06 Who was the person that appeared in the first video that introduced the original Apple Store?
              Q07 What was the name of the new kind of Macbook introduced in 2015?
                Q08 The Macbook Pro was the first of Apple's computers to get a touch bar, what year saw this innovation being introduced?
                  Q09 The iMac was first introduced in 1998, but it also had a model name. It was called the iMac...
                    Q10 Only one Apple's laptops has had a black option to purchase. What's the name of this Macbook?
                      Q11 iOS 7 was the biggest aesthetic revamp of iOS since its introduction. What year did it come out?
                        Q12 When you double tap one of your earpods, there's a functionality that triggers which you can customize. What's the default option?
                          Q13 What's the name in the function in iPadOS which allows you to replicate/extend your Apple computer's monitor?
                            Q14 What was the last year the iPod Touch received a hardware update?
                              Q15 Apple faced some criticism when users noticed that the reception for their iPhone wasn't as good as in previous models. What was this scandal popularly known as?
                                Q16 The stand for the monitor of the new Mac Pro became infamous because of its price, which was...
                                  Q17 In what year was the iPad originally introduced in?
                                    Q18 What's the name of the latest version of the iPad?
                                      Q19 What's the name of the pencil-like accessory that's commonly used with the iPad?
                                        Q20 What was the last iPhone that Steve Jobs ever introduced?

                                        Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

                                        Quizfame - Apple General Knowledge Test
                                        Are you an Apple-head? Find out how much you really know! Complete the entire quiz with a 100% score to get rewarded!


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