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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] QuizFame - How Much Do You Know About YouTubers?

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Q01 What’s the name of this very popular Youtuber?
    Q02 This same Youtuber appeared in the season finale of which famous TV series?
      Q03 Ninja is a famous Youtube videogame player, but he’s also known for streaming in which service?
        Q04 Shane Dawson is probably the most prolific documentary maker on YouTube, but he’s no stranger to the platform and has been doing videos for a long time. Which year did his channel start?
          Q05 Shane Dawson made a series of documentaries about which other popular Youtuber?
            Q06 Ethan Klein is a famous YouTuber who is also known by the name…
              Q07 What is the name of Ethan’s wife?
                Q08 Dude Perfect is a popular channel focused on athletic stunts, but what sport did they all use to practice in high school?
                  Q09 Dude Perfect currently has a show on which TV network?
                    Q10 What’s the most popular channel currently on YouTube?
                      Q11 Ryan Higa aka NigaHiga has one of the most popular channels on YouTube, which member of his family is currently acting as his manager?
                        Q12 Dude to the copyrighted tracks in some of his musical parodies, NigaHiga faced a temporary suspension from YouTube in what year?
                          Q13 Markiplier is a notorious Youtuber best known for…
                            Q14 Which late night host did Markiplier join to make a video about video games?
                              Q15 Jenna Marbles is the most popular female YouTube personality, she has a product line of…?
                                Q16 Jenna hosts a show on satellite radio network SiriusXM by the name of…
                                  Q17 Jake Paul is a controversial Youtuber who first came to notoriety because of his restless behavior in what country?
                                    Q18 Which platform other than YouTube did Jake Paul get his start on?
                                      Q19 Jake Paul used to be the star of his own TV show on the Disney channel. What was the name of said TV show?
                                        Q20 YouTube belongs to which big tech conglomerate?

                                        Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

                                        QuizFame - How Much Do You Know About YouTubers?
                                        Do you think your knowledge about Tube culture is up to snuff? Let's find out!


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