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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] QuizFacts - Can You Find the Unicorn? [VERSIÓN 2]

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  • 1 Welcome to the magical forest! Watch for the squirrels, they like to throw acorns at newcomers. In the meantime, can you find the unicorn?

  • 2 What are they all staring at? Find the unicorn and run before they do something creepy.

  • 3 Hmm… there is something very weird about this forest. Can you see where the unicorn is hiding?

  • 4 Finally, some friendly-looking animals. Can you spot the unicorn?

  • 5 Here comes the chaos… Our unicorn loves it! Where is he?

  • 6 I think you’ve fallen asleep… can you see where our unicorn is in this strange dreamscape?

  • 7 Mind your step… and don’t eat the berries! Can you see where the unicorn is hiding?

  • 8 Sparkles the unicorn is in the forest. She is helping herself to a nice big juicy apple. The monkey grabs the apple out of her mouth and starts to eat it. Sparkles notices that there are 18 pairs of eyes staring at the monkey. Based on the information you have been given, how many animals are in the forest in this moment?

  • 9 The unicorns: Stardust, Umo, Windthorn and Highflyer are enjoying themselves playing in the forest. They notice 8 spiders in the tree, 5 cockroaches, 7 bees, 3 deer, 4 cows and a pair of antlers behind a bush. How many legs do all the numbered creatures amount to all together?

  • 10 Stardust the unicorn, covered a distance of 50 miles on his first trip to the forest. On a later trip he travelled 300 miles while going three times as fast. His new time compared with the old time was:

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QuizFacts - Can You Find the Unicorn? [VERSIÓN 2]
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