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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] VideoFacts - Can You Find the Unicorn? [VERSIÓN 4]

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  • Welcome to the enchanted woods of Zalsazaria! You'll find a lot of familiar critters here - but where is the unicorn?

  • Quick! Find the unicorn before these creepy deer find her!

  • Can you tell where the unicorn has taken cover?

  • At last, these woodland critters seem to be rather benign. Can you spot our horned friend?

  • Our unicorn certainly knows how to have a good time. Can you see where she’s enjoying herself?
  • Now she’s moved on to the next attraction. But whereto, exactly?
  • The fun fair is so delightful! Can you spot our unicorn’s happy face?
  • Back to the forest again. Where did our unicorn end up, exactly?
  • Our unicorn loves road trips! Especially chaotic ones. Can you see her?
  • 10 Are you still awake? Because this looks like a dream... Can you spot OUR unicorn among all the others in this weird fantasy world?
  • 11 Don't tread on the berries, the stains will never come out! But wait... Where's our unicorn?
  • 12 Now she is paying a visit to Princess Abigail. Can you see our one-horned friend?
  • 13 Felicity the unicorn is in the forest. She is enjoying a delicious pear. A weasel grabs the pear out of her mouth and starts to devour it. Felicity notices that there are 18 pairs of eyes looking at the weasel. Based on the info you've been given, how many animals are in the forest right now?
  • 14 Felicity, Rainbow, Prudence and Bob, the unicorn friends, are prancing around in the forest. They notice seven bees and five cockroaches, and in the trees they spot eight spiders. There are also three deer and four boars. Behind a bush, they can see a pair of antlers. How many legs do all the numbered beasts combined amount to?
  • 15 Ernesto, the magnificent unicorn stallion, covered a distance of 50 kilometres on his first trip to Zalsazaria. On a later trip, he travelled 300 kilometres while going three times as fast. What was his new time compared with the old time?

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VideoFacts - Can You Find the Unicorn? [VERSIÓN 4]
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