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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] QuizFame – Apex Legends Knowledge Test

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Q01 How long did Apex Legends take to come out?
    Q02 What's the name of this Apex Legends Hero?
      Q03 Gibraltar has 3 abilities. Gun Shield, Dome of Protection and...?
        Q04 What's the name of the company behind Apex Legends?
          Q05 Apex Legends became the most streamed title on Twitch, leaving behind which other popular title?
            Q06 How many heroes did Apex Legends originally launch with?
              Q07 What are Apex Legends' version of lootboxes called?
                Q08 What game universe does Apex Legends occur in?
                  Q09 Up to what number of players are allowed inside a match?
                    Q10 Wattson is one of the newest legends to arrive to Apex Legends, which of this abilities does she have?
                      Q11 Which of the following statements is true?
                        Q12 What's the name of this Apex Legends Hero?
                          Q13 Heirloom Packs are the extremely rare items found in Apex Packs, how likely are you to get one when opening a pack?
                            Q14 What's the name of this Apex Legends Hero?
                              Q15 What company served as the publisher of Apex Legends?
                                Q16 How many people make up a team in Apex Legends?
                                  Q17 This hero is one of the fan favorites, what's its name?
                                    Q18 Wraith has some of the most powerful abilities in the game. What's the name of her ultimate?
                                      Q19 Caustic was a scientist before fighting in the arena. What's his name?
                                        Q20 What's the name of the currency used in Apex Legends?

                                        Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

                                        QuizFame – Apex Legends Knowledge Test
                                        This incredibly popular game became a meteoric hit seemingly out of nowhere, but, are you as much into Apex Legends as you think you are? Take our quiz and find out!


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