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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] Gimmemore - Can You Tell the Fake Logos from the Real Ones? 2

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Q01 Let’s start with a very familiar Shell. Which of these is the correct logo for the company?
    Q02 One of the most popular search engines out there, but can you choose which logo is correct?
      Q03 Can you remember the correct order of colors for the Pepsi logo?
        Q04 Apple is one of the most well-known brands in the world, but how well do you know the logo?
          Q05 Adidas or Nike? It’s an age-old question! Can you spot the correct logo?
            Q06 One of these is NOT the logo of the United nations. Can you tell which one?
              Q07 Reebok has some classic designs. Which logo is the correct one?
                Q08 The yellow arches are immediately recognisable. But do you recognise the real ones?
                  Q09 Can you master the Master Card symbol? Which of these is the real one?
                    Q10 Mercedes-Benz is known for its top quality automobiles. Which logo is the correct one?
                      Q11 Android is Apple's main competitor. Can you distinguish the right logo from the wrong one?
                        Q12 The undisputed leader of social media! Can you guess the correct logo?
                          Q13 Can you identify the incorrect logo of this German car manufacturer?
                            Q14 Their products are everywhere, but can you spot which one is the real Microsoft logo?
                              Q15 It’s the oldest film studio still located in Hollywood – which one is the genuine Paramount logo?
                                Q16 It might not be the best idea for a mermaid to take a swim in scalding hot coffee... But anyway, which one is the genuine Starbucks logo?
                                  Q17 Wikipedia is the most popular source of knowledge on the internet. Which logo is genuine?
                                    Q18 The peacock has been the logo of NBC since they started broadcasting “in living color”. Can you tell which one is correct?
                                      Q19 Which one is the real Total logo?
                                        Q20 Behold the soaring crane! Which Lufthansa logo is wrong?
                                          Q21 Time to really test that colourful memory of yours! Which of these is the original Google logo?
                                            Q22 Can you identify which one is the Twitter bird?
                                              Q23 Which logo is the one used by Hewlett-Packard?
                                                Q24 Can you identify the Dell logo?
                                                  Q25 Do you recognize the correct Puma logo?
                                                    Q26 Mmmm Burger King! Which logo is correct?
                                                      Q27 This is a familiar logo from our screens, but can you choose the right one?
                                                        Q28 You probably come across this logo most days online, but which one is the correct version?
                                                          Q29 Everybody has used YouTube at some point! But how well do you remember the logo?
                                                            Q30 Which one of these is NOT the Whatsapp logo?

                                                            Q31 Which of these is NOT the Google Chrome logo?

                                                            Q32 Left or right? Which Tinder logo is the correct one?

                                                            Q33 You should instantly recognize which logo is correct! Is it A or B?

                                                            Q34 Which one is NOT the Intel logo?

                                                            Q35 And finally, which of these is the real logo for NASA?

                                                            Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

                                                            Gimmemore - Can You Tell the Fake Logos from the Real Ones? 2
                                                            The power of advertising, huh? But how much attention have you paid to the colors and styles of these logos? With this quiz, we’ll be testing your visual memory by putting two versions of the same logo alongside one another. Reckon you can spot the original?


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