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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] VideoQuizHero - Find the Hidden Object

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  • 1. The first room to search is Mr Lethe’s lobby. The phone doesn’t seem to be around, but he’s sure he left his bike keys somewhere in here. Can you spot them?

  • 2. The kitchen is the next room to be searched. Still no phone in sight, but Mr Lethe knows that he’s left a pack of jelly babies somewhere here, and the sweet delight would probably help to calm him down a bit. Where in the image below can you see them?

  • 3. Maybe the phone is in the living room? Alas, no luck! But there’s a bottle of eau de toilette in here – a nice scent might increase his chances with Miss Phlegethon... Do you see it?

  • 4. Surely the phone is somewhere in the bedroom! No? At least there’s a banana in here, a great source of potassium that will help relieve Mr Lethe’s stress. Where is it?

  • 5. Mr Lethe is getting really nervous now, and fears he’ll never see the lovely Miss Phlegethon again. The phone must be in the bathroom! But it’s not... However, Mr Lethe notices that there’s something he really needs to buy today... What CAN’T you find in the image below?
  • 6. Blimey! The phone is not in the flat. Mr Lethe tries to remember where he had been the day before. Right, the last place he was before he went home was the park. He heads over and starts looking under every bush and each blade of grass, but no luck. He does find something else, though. What is it?
  • 7. Before he went to the park, Mr Lethe had been to the zoo. Maybe one of those pesky monkeys has stolen his phone... He spends hours looking for it, but again it’s nowhere to be found. At least he finds some refreshment in the shape of a bottle of soda. Where in the zoo did he spot it?
  • 8. Mr Lethe didn’t want to go back to his workplace on his day off, but he’s desperate to find his phone. No one in the office has seen it – but Mr Lethe notices that he has left several marbles from his prized collection there. How many can you find?
  • 9. The office fridge! Mr Lethe remembers that he had used the fridge magnets to write himself a note about all the places he had been to last week – but someone has scrambled them up! How many locations can you find in this mess of letters?
  • 10. 
  • Of course! Mr Lethe must have lost his phone in the kiosk! The teller remembers putting it underneath a pile of magazines and writing down the title, but his little nephew tore the note apart and hid the snippets all over the place. Can you find all of them and tell what the magazines were about?

Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

VideoQuizHero - Find the Hidden Object
He might even use the opportunity to look for a couple of other things he’s missing. Will you help Mr Lethe?

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