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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] Video-Facts - SURGERY! Quiz [VERSION 2]

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  • Tommy’s heart aches and he needs minor surgery to mend it. Before you sharpen your scalpel, you have to make sure that you operate on the correct organ. Where is Tommy’s heart?

  • Nobody knows how he did it, but Tommy has managed to get a spoon stuck somewhere between his internal organs. Can you locate it?

  • Oh noes! Tommy has fallen down the stairs and fractured his clavicle! He’s in desperate need of surgery. Where do you have to operate?

  • Oh Tommy dear, you know you’re not supposed to play with food! Now Tommy has a pea in his brain. You must remove it quickly – but at which point do you need to make the incision?

  • Tommy’s back in the operating theatre again! This time, he has put an earthworm in his nose! The little critter has attached itself somewhere to Tommy’s circulatory system – can you find it?
  • The last operation was a success, but you still need to sew Tommy up. Cripes! The nurse has entangled all the catgut. Which thread is the one you started stitching with?
  • Tommy is a greedy eater, and he somehow managed to get a chocolate bean in his windpipe. Now it’s stuck in his right lung. Where on the image below do you have to perform surgery?
  • TOOTH DECAY! Oh, the humanity! Tommy needs to have a canine pulled out. Which of the numbered ones do you have to prepare for extraction?
  • Once more, Tommy’s back at the operating table. This time, he’s got a splinter so deep in his left deltoid that it requires micro-surgery to remove it. At which of the numbered spots do you have to start the operation?
  • 10 Tommy was at the fun fair. When he was on the roller-coaster, he somehow managed to jumble all of his internal organs. How is this even possible? Anyway, can you put his organs in the correct order from head to toe?
  • 11 You’ve been on vacation for a week, and in the meantime, one of your colleagues performed a kidney transplant on Tommy. But he’s left his glasses somewhere in Tommy’s chest. The poor rascal! To remove them, you need to find them first. Where are they?
  • 12 Tommy recently joined the boys’ choir. Now, you have to perform surgery on his vocal cords because he has a severe case of Bogart-Bacall Syndrome. What did Tommy do?
  • 13 Can you name this furry creature from the Harry Potter universe?Tommy had a tricycle accident and ruptured his spleen! He needs immediate surgery. But where is the spleen located?
  • 14 On his way out of the hospital, Tommy ran right into a glass door and hit his head really hard. Now he’s suffering from aphasia – he can’t describe other symptoms, so he tries writing them down. Unfortunately, he’s also having a rare form of agraphia – all the letters are mixed up. Can you unscramble them and tell which area of his body needs to be examined further?
  • 15 You want to look up Tommy’s patient history, but there was a computer error and now his file is mixed up. How many diseases can you find?

Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

Video-Facts - SURGERY! Quiz [VERSION 2]
Can you help Tommy with your medical knowledge and your skills? Let’s play Surgery! and find out...

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