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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] VideoFacts - The Scooby-Doo Challenge

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  • 1. The Scooby Gang arrives at an old inn that they have been told is haunted. They meet Mr Jabberwock who tells them about a recent ghost sighting. Suddenly, Daphne spots a strange figure. Can you see it, too?

  • 2. Right at midnight, Velma is startled by a thud. She switches on the light to see - a ghost! Go help Velma. Which path must you take? Hurry!

  • 3. The ghost has escaped through one of the many doors in the corridor. To get the correct room number, you have to combine these pictures:

  • 4. Mr Jabberwock is gone! And the ghost is nowhere to be seen. Velma picks up a note - can you decipher the message?

  • 5. Velma has found a clue - but what does it mean? Can you fill in the missing letters?
  • 6. The Scooby Gang is on the case! Can you find an exact match to the footprint that Fred has discovered?
  • 7. The night passes without further incidents, but the next morning, Shaggy finds a door with a keypad door lock! To unlock the door, find the correct top view of the numbers on the left!
  • 8. Fog seeps through the door cracks, the floor is shaking and a spooky wail fills the room. But wait a minute! All these effects are created by a machine! To stop it, you have to count the correct number of keys:
  • 9. Shaggy spots the ghost! But it's not a supernatural creature - it's Mr Jabberwock! He's the one who was controlling the spooky machine! To see what he was planning, complete the brochure in the image below:
  • 10. The Scooby Gang has done it again! And already they're off to a new adventure. How many differences can you spot in their next spooky mansion?

Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

VideoFacts - The Scooby-Doo Challenge
Something isn't right at the old inn. Something is strange. And it's spooky! Will you join the Scooby Gang and help them solve the mystery?

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