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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] Quizfame - Marvel Cinematic Universe Knowledge Test

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Q01 What was the movie which gave the MCU its start?
    Q02 Which country did Tony Stark present his Jericho missile in on Iron Man 1?
      Q03 Post credit scenes are now a given for MCU movies, but which one of these films did not have one?
        Q04 In the first Avengers movie, which actor was supposed to play Bruce Banner before Mark Ruffalo
          Q05 What movie from the MCU did Thanos first appear in?
            Q06 In addition to Gamora, Thanos is father to which other MCU character?
              Q07 Stark Tower is which of the following buildings in real life?
                Q08 Captain America originally captured Loki alongside which other Avenger?
                  Q09 Ultron was voiced by which famous Hollywood actor?
                    Q10 With the recent acquisition of Fox by Disney, it seems plausible that the MCU will include the X-men at some point. Which actor requested to be in an Avengers films way back in 2014?
                      Q11 How many films is Phase One comprised of?
                        Q12 How many films is Phase Two comprised of?
                          Q13 How many films is Phase Three comprised of?
                            Q14 Iron Man is going to be replaced moving forward, which other Marvel character will take his place?
                              Q15 How many visual effects (VFX) did Avengers: Age of Ultron have?
                                Q16 Which Avenger that was set to appear in Avengers: Infinity War, but didn't?
                                  Q17 Thanos has a brother who was a member of The Avengers, what's his name?
                                    Q18 What is Gamora's weapon of choice's name?
                                      Q19 Initially Bruce Banner's transformation wasn't only triggered by anger, but also by...
                                        Q20 What's the name of Tony Stark's father?

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                                        Quizfame - Marvel Cinematic Universe Knowledge Test
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