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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] VideoQuizStar - Word Spelling Bee

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Q01 How do you spell this guy’s name?
    Q02 What about this beautiful creature's name?
      Q03 Something you keep as a memento from a trip is also called a what?
        Q04 If you want to give support to someone, you ___ them.
          Q05 How do you spell this animal’s name?
            Q06 What is this creature called?
              Q07 A delicious red fruit.
                Q08 A display of art is called an ________ .
                  Q09 This small European country is called _______.
                    Q10 A Mexican flatbread is called a _______ ?
                      Q11 Moody is another word for __________ .
                        Q12 To destroy something is to ______ it.
                          Q13 A synonym of ‘notify’ is?
                            Q14 When someone talks quietly, they ______ .
                              Q15 When something is aggressive or vicious it is ______ .
                                Q16 An upright object used to display art.
                                  Q17 Jimmy and Rose walked with a steady _______ .
                                    Q18 How do you spell the name of this guy?
                                      Q19 What bursts out of here and grants all your wishes?
                                        Q20 When a cheese is streaked with blue marks like this, we say it is ______.
                                          Q21 This is an example of ______.
                                            Q22 This delicious fruit is known as a ________.
                                              Q23 What do you call this move?
                                                Q24 It’s nice to relax upon the _________.
                                                  Q25 When a baby gets upset, we say it is being _____.
                                                    Q26 What’s the name of this fun instrument?
                                                      Q27 This beautiful Scottish city is called ________.
                                                        Q28 This lady is in a state of ______.
                                                          Q29 Yum! This tasty avocado dip is also known as _______.
                                                            Q30 How do you spell the name of this classical composer?
                                                              Q31 This piece is displayed in a British city, which of the options below is correct?
                                                                Q32 The process of redeeming something is known as ___.
                                                                  Q33 The South African Bantu language spoken with clicks is known as ______.
                                                                    Q34 Spell the name of this funky instrument.
                                                                      Q35 An instrument famously featured in The Legend of Zelda series is below, but which version is correct?
                                                                        Q36 A 2014 film followed the lengths a drummer went to in order to master his craft. The film's title is also a neck injury caused by sudden movement of the head. Where is the correct spelling below?
                                                                          Q37 Complete this phrase: ‘You’re in a ___ of your own.’
                                                                            Q38 Istanbul was once known by another name, which of these is the correct spelling for the ancient capital city?
                                                                              Q39 What is this little guy called?
                                                                                Q40 A British MP set a new record for longest word said in Parliament. The word was:

                                                                                Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

                                                                                VideoQuizStar - Word Spelling Bee
                                                                                Answer ALL the 40 quick questions correctly and score 100%


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