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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] VideoFacts - Math Quiz

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  • Q01. Let’s start with a very easy one. What is the answer?
  • Q02. How about this multiplication?

  • Q03. What about this subtraction?
  • Q04. Can you figure this one out?
  • Q05. What do you get if you double 15?
  • Q06. What is the answer here?
  • Q07. How about this one?
  • Q08. How about this multiplication?
  • Q09. Do you know this one?
  • Q10. What is the answer?
  • Q11. Can you work out this subtraction?
  • 12. Which of these numbers is closest to 400?
  • Q13. What is the answer here?
  • Q14. Can you work out this division?
  • Q15. What is the correct answer?
  • Q16. Can you figure this one out?
  • Q17. What is the answer?
  • Q18. Choose the correct answer.
  • Q19. Reckon you can figure this one out?
  • Q20. What about this one?
  • Q21. Do you know answer to this one?
  • Q22. What is 2648 to two significant figures?
  • Q23. Which of these is 3% equivalent to?
  • Q24. What is the answer here?
  • Q25. What is the total of this sum?
  • Q26. What does ‘X’ equal here?
  • Q27. What is ‘Y’ equivalent to?
  • Q28. Tell us which digits have been replaced by question marks in this sum.
  • Q29. Calculate the correct answer to this equation.
  • Q30. Do you know the answer to this conundrum?
  • Q31. Brenda is cooking couscous. The recipe says she requires 480 grams of couscous for 4 people. How many will she need for 14?
  • Q32. If the temperature today is 7 degrees Celsius, and yesterday it was 13 degrees Celsius cooler, what was the temperature yesterday?
  • Q33. Can you work out the volume of a cube with a length of 10cm, width of 5cm and a height of 8cm?
  • Q34. Can you figure this one out?
  • Q35. In which of these calculations is the answer 82?
  • Q36. Imagine each letter of the word “Mathematical” is written on individual pieces of paper and placed in a bag. Should you pick a random letter from that bag, what is the probability that you pick a vowel?
  • Q37. In a marathon, 90% of runners managed to complete it and 30% of them were men. If 270 men completed it, how many total runners began the marathon?
  • Q38. Choose which of these is the net of a cube.
  • Q39. Which sequence isn’t a geometric progression?
  • Q40. It takes 10 road workers 5 days to complete a road repair when working 2 hours a day. Working at the same pace, how many days will it take 2 people working 5 hours a day to finish it?

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                                                                                                                    VideoFacts - Math Quiz
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