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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] VideoQuizHero - Battleship Game

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  • Let’s begin the mission Captain! Point your attention to the BRIGHTEST section of this battleship, then press the detonate button.

  • Let’s try a different tactic and get them by surprise! Point your attention to the DARKEST section and press detonate!

  • Let’s creep up on the enemy Captain, by using camouflage. On which section of the ship do you see the word RANK written?

  • How accurate is your eye sight captain? Do you think you can strike this submarine on two sections? Choose the two that are the DARKEST.

  • Baltimore is a major city with a long history. It has a very important seaport. You've just received a message from another captain in a secret code language. If Denver is written ‘NRNRNR’ – how would you write Baltimore?

  • The fog is rising… You need to launch a missile to strike the battleship. Turn your attention to where on the picture it says B6 and press detonate.

  • More damage has been done! Can you put Boat B back together?

  • Strike! Which scattered section is a part of the highlighted square?

  • Let's test your logic skills Captain! Johnny can row at 5 kmph in still water. If the velocity of the current is 1 kmph and it takes him 1 hour to row to the supply ship and come back, how far is the supply ship?

  • 10 Right, let’s strike this one where it least expects it! Which scattered section is a part of the highlighted square?

Quiz answers / respuestas 100%

VideoQuizHero - Battleship Game
Are you skilled enough for the mission, Captain?

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