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[QUIZ RESPUESTAS 100%] Fun Quiz (VideoQuizStar) - Can you break the curse? [VERSIÓN 1]

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    • Q01 You need to find your missing sister Martha. The last place she was seen was in a hotel. Look at the clues on her desk to find out the name of the hotel.

    • Q02 The hotel can only be reached by train and is located at station "Spring Harbor". Take a look at the timetable. The red dot indicates your position. How often do you have to change altogether?

    • Q03 The hotel is dark and weird. Your appear to be the only guest. At the reception desk, you find out that Martha stayed in the southeast room. To get the key, you have to find the room number on the map

    • Q04 You're looking into a mirror in the hallway. In which direction do you have to turn to get to Martha's room?

    • Q05 In the hotel room, you find Martha's hurriedly packed suitcase, but your sister is nowhere to be seen. You notice a VHS tape, labelled "CURSE" in Martha's handwriting. Luckily, there's an old TV set with a VCR. Watch the video for the next clue. Where do you have to go next?

    • Q06 To get to the forest, you have to take the ferry. The ferryman warns you not to go there. To scare you away, he charges two and a half times the normal overall fee. How much do you have to pay?

    • Q07 The forest is a tricky maze and you wander around aimlessly. You finally spot the next hint. Unscramble the word which is carved in the tree bark to find out where you have to go next:
    • Q08 The only way to the lighthouse from the mainland is through a dam. The ridge is dangerously narrow. You will only succeed if you take the wright path:
    • Q09 You made it to the lighthouse! The place is creepy... It's as if someone is watching you. The door is sealed with a cryptic lock. To open it, you must crack the code and find out in which direction the missing arrow should point:
    • Q10 You're in! You hear a voice whispering your name. In a daze, you follow it up the spiral staircase into the lantern room. It's empty. You step outside to the gallery and notice a message carved on the wall. It's Martha's handwriting! You must decipher the code! What is she trying to tell you?

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                      Fun Quiz (VideoQuizStar) - Can you break the curse? [VERSIÓN 1]
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                        1. Amigo, me puedes mandar el enlace del Quiz que haces? Puede que no sea el mismo. Me ha dado el 100% con estas respuestas, lo he hecho más de una vez.

                      2. Aqui esta el link: https://videoquizstar.com/en/knowledge/1AKR4/start?utm_campaign=56582&utm_content=185_P-979&utm_medium=gwd_ww_all_10q_quest-curse&utm_source=76

                        1. Ya le pillé el truco, resulta que han hecho dos versiones de este Quiz, en donde hay dos respuestas diferentes. Ya mismo estoy publicando las respuestas de esa versión que la llamaré versión 2. Ambos Quiz son válidos, así que dejaré dejaré las publicaciones y les dejaré el enlace aquí en los comentarios cuando publique las otras respuestas.

                      3. Aquí esta la otra versión por si no les da el 100%: https://www.veirelmoney.com/2019/06/quiz-respuestas-100-fun-quiz.html


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